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German Languagespoken Primary School of Sopron!


The Fenyõ Téri Primary School in Sopron / Hungary is the biggest bilingual Primary School in Gyõr-Moson-Sopron County.

Sopronbánfalva - where our school is - is today a suburb of Sopron.

The place has been a self-sufficient city with Germanspeaking citizens since 1950. The history of the school begins int he 1400s.

The language of education was German for hundreds of years. This tiny cityschool was the beginning of our school, that is in good odour today.

In our school children learn from the age of 6 to the age of 14. The profile of our school is education in German language.

The more than 600 students study German from the 1st grade to the 8th, weekly in 5 lessons.

We wish our students to review the history of Hungarian Germans: when, from who, why came German people to Hungary, how they could fit in, how they could keep on their habits and traditions.

We can learn their songs, dances and old recipes.

It has a great significance that our students can learn the history, the geography, the culture and the common life of the Mothercountry Germany and the Neighbourcountry Austria.

Many students came from gentilitial families or from families who have German as mother tongue, so that way it is an important assignment to help to preserve their Identity.

We are confident with the other students, we hope we can help to accept other people from other gentilitial groups or from another provenance.

In each grade we have a bilingual class, in which we teach some subjects also in German language.

For example: Natur Studies, Geography, Mathematics and Music.

There are several traditional programmes in the school. Kids have the chance to use and to practise the German language.

For example: Christmasfeast with the Austrian partnerschools, collective culture- and sportevents, collective lesson visiting.

We have students who pass the whole school-year in Austria. Since 1996 in each year we have arranged a language camp in Austria or in Germany.

45 students have the chance a week long to join 3-4 lessons a day by foreign teachers. The emphasis is on the German communication.

Besides this children get to learn more about the country. In each year we arrange the German Gentilitial Ball for adults.

With its 4-500 guests this ball is very famous in our city, Sopron and in the neighbourhood.

Among the guests there are teachers from our foreign and Hungarian partnerschools, mayors and politicians.

Naturally we attend our foreign contacts. Since 1997 there has been a guest-teacher from Germany in our school.

We attend a contact to our partnerschool in Germany, in Neustadt/Wied, which makes us allow a "studen exchange".

Since 1989 we have had contacts with several schools in Austria. The schools are in Horitschon, in Purbach and in Klingenbach. We have a closer contact with HS Horitschon.